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speaker series for parents

Join the Gower Foundation for Excellence in Education for a  Parent Speaker Series focused on topics important to you. Our goal is to provide experts on the topics which are important to all of us as parents, especially as we navigate raising children in the 21st Century. Each session will be presented by Gower speakers engaged in work directly related to each topic. Each session will conclude with a  Q&A by the Gower Administrative team and the incredible staff who can help speak to how our district is approaching these topics with our children. As always, we welcome any suggestions and feedback from you all. We look forward to seeing you virtually or at Gower Middle School for each of these interesting talks!

2021-22 Speaker Series for Parents Topics

Session #1:

Helping kids find, build and maintain confidence in their formative years

Guest Speaker:

Ms. Alexis Cameron, MA, LPC at Life Insight Therapy Collective

When:  Thursday, December 9th, 2021 from 7-8 pm                                                    


Download the document below for Ms. Cameron's book recommendations!

COVID-19 Statement: The Gower Foundation is working hard to plan events that are relevant and scheduled in advance within the constraints of these unprecedented circumstances we are all navigating right now. With this in mind, please note that dates and topics are subject to change. We will share any relevant updates if changes occur.

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