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After School Enrichment 

The Gower Foundation is excited to bring enrichment programs to Gower students. These programs range from theater to foreign language to STEAM. Partial and full scholarships offered by the Foundation. Contact your child's school for more information.

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For the past two years, The Gower Foundation is proud to have sponsored a number of after school enrichment opportunities for Gower West K-4 graders. Enrichment programs including STEAM programming through TinkRworks, theater programming through BAM!, and Spanish immersion programming through Language Labs. While things may look different this year, The Gower Foundation is working hard to explore virtual opportunities for students to take their interests to new levels.

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At the core of The Gower Foundation's values is creating equitable access to our programs for all students. We are proud to dedicate a portion of our fundraising to provide partial and full scholarships for Gower students to participate in Foundation sponsored programs. If you are interested in a scholarship opportunity for your child, please reach out to Mrs. Rodewald or Mrs. Murphy for more information.



The Gower Foundation was excited to be exploring ways to create relevant and interesting enrichment opportunities at Gower Middle. While this may not take shape this year the way we were hoping to, The Gower Foundation continues to collaborate with Gower Middle School to explore new and unique ways to bring opportunities to our 5-8 graders. 




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