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Foundation Sponsored Events

Speaker Series for Parents

The Foundation's goal is to bring to you experts on topics that are relevant and important to us, as parents, as we think about raising children who are prepared for the 21st Century. Visit our Speaker Series tab for more info on this year's lineup.

Gower Family Marketplace

Thank you to all who were able to attend The Foundation's first-ever Gower Family Marketplace!  Please click on the link below to learn more about our different Gower family vendors and how to contact them for their services.

Superintendent Chats

The Gower Foundation is proud of its collaboration with Gower 62. Join the Gower Foundation and Superintendent, Dr. Victor Simon, for regular opportunities to discuss Gower related topics.

Fundraising Events

Fundraisers are in place so that the foundation can provide enrichment opportunities for students and parents. Please support these events. 

Speaker Series Archives

As parents we strive to set an example for our children. The Foundation's Speaker Series is an avenue to grow as parents and continue the goal of lifelong learning. Speaker series from previous years are archived here for that purpose. We encourage you to look back at these archives for slide decks and more from previous years.

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